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Kids Church Check-in/Check-out Module

Check In Process:

  1. Kid 1 scans barcode
  2. Kid 2 scans barcode
  3. ...
  4. Kid n scans barcode

Check Out Process for Toddlers, Pre-schools and Primaries

  1. Guardian lines up to respective line
  2. Guardian scans barcode
  3. All kid for that kid category is checked out
  4. (Repeat process for each kid category)

Check Out Process for Pre-teens

  1. Kid scans his/her own barcode
  2. Kid is checked out


How many IDs are there
1 for the guardian(s) - both father and mother will share 1 ID, this ID will serve as a claim stub for the kids.
1 for each kid

Who keeps the IDs
Each guardian and kid will keep his/her own ID.
After check in, the ID will be strapped onto the kid. This applies to all kids except for toddlers (for safety reasons).
The toddlers' IDs will be kept by his/her guardian.

What if the guardian/kid leaves his/her ID?
For the 1st release, the manual approach (prior to this system) will be incorporated for such cases.
This means that a paper-written ID and claim stub will be issued to the guardian and kid.
This, however, will cause an inconvenience to the guardian and kid. Upon checkout, everyone with IDs will be entertained first for speedy checkout. A line for manual verification of guardians will be set up thereafter.

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